Water cassette
The real water cassette
  • A special machine, inspired by values: Respect for the environment, Energy saving, Attention to health, Respect for the work of the others
  • Radial fan with wing profile blades and built-in electric motor: technology at the highest levels of quality, the best available on the market, EBM (made in Germany), super-reliable, extremely high energy efficiency, maximum silence. Available in AC~230V-Single-phase (mod. FCA) and EC~230V-Brushless (mod. FCAE) versions
  • Innovative design, result of a great design research aimed to propose a product with the highest quality aesthetic, impossible to resist
  • Condensate pump including floater and not-return valve
  • High efficiency air filter, easily removable and cleanable
  • Air supply fins on the 4 directions, adjustable
  • Suitable for installation on false ceiling 600×600 [mm x mm], European standard (dimensions 600×1200 for the big sizes)
  • Pre-disposal of 1 external air intake and 1 additional treated air supply
  • Control with wired remote control or I.R. control
  • Min/max inlet water temperature limits: 3…75 °C.
Available versions

AC~230V-Standard Motor 3 Speed

ESP Max 75Pa

Brushless Modulating Motor

ESP Max 75Pa

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