A company with determined character

ACTIONCLIMA is a young producing company born by the combination of human and professional inheritance, cumulated in decades of experience in the air-conditioning and air treatment field.

Our management competency is enabling ACTIONCLIMA to pursue ambitious objectives in the products quality and in the services offered to the customers.
Competency, products versatility, services flexibility and dynamic actions are main features on which ACTIONCLIMA was created in order to compete in a more and more dynamic, specialized and competitive market.

Our MISSION is the design, production and sale of a wide range of air treatment units, strongly inspired by the Made in Italy, with the employ of primary quality and rigorously selected components.

ACTIONCLIMA designs and produces fancoils and air treatment units for residential (houses), commercial (offices, shops, bars, hotels) and industrial applications.

The acquired know-how, the market trends, the accuracy in the design choice enable ACTIONCLIMA to offer to the customers a young and up-to-date products, in constant evolution.

Specialisation means permanent product innovation, based on the current market drivers, with maximal attention to the quality, which main factors are passing through the selection of primary components, generously designed to get high performances, energy saving, environ- mental friendly, low noise levels and high reliability.

Unwavering creating capacity

ACTIONCLIMA was born in the nearby of Treviso where are located the offices and the production unit. Strongly connected to the land and to its origins, making of the “Made in Italy” its basis following with maximum rigour the quality, flexibility and Italian creating capacity.

A “customer oriented” approach is the philosophy which is driving the ACTIONCLIMA activity, a philosophy which is passing through a careful market observation and the customer requirements, the research and proposal of optimal solutions.

ACTIONCLIMA has a significant knowledge due to its management experience, accrued in long and important experiences spent in primary technical, productive and commercial positions, in qualified air-conditioning field companies. The accurate testing carried out on all the units manufactured, one by one before the shipment, is a guarantee that our customers can count on.

Before and after sale services, competency, flexibility and dynamism are the ACTIONCLIMA assets to deal with a market characterised by its fast evolution and by the always higher specialisation required.

A passion without borders

  • We are available 24 hours a day: we are always there !!!
  • Service and delivery time are our credo: amazing !
  • We work with minimal margin: the customer knows that purchasing Actionclima “he pays what he buys”
  • We do not simply want customers: we want satified customers
  • We make products with a “real plus”. We do not just make products “like the others”, we want to produce units with superior race: products to be proud of
  • We manufacture our units one by one with maximum care, same as they were “made for ourselves”
  • Not only we want to guarantee high quality, but we pursue continuous improvement, both on the product and on the service
  • Our products are constantly updated: every little remark of our customer is taken into consideration and, if considered an improvement, it is instantly implemented. Continuous improvements are introduced: our product is “alive” according to the market trends and needs
  • In designing our products, we put the “heart” and the experience of decades of work and thousands of installations all over the world
  • Not only we want to ensure good Quality/Price ratio, but we basically refuse to descend below a medium/high quality level: we definitely leave to others, sales acquired at low-price and executed with no scruples, through poor quality products
  • We have great will to do and we are not worried about any kind of request: we are always ready to any challenge !
  • Product and service flexibility is our credo
  • We are always ready on questioning ourselves. Any comparison, remark or request before or after-sales is considered with the positive constructive spirit
  • Complaints? Let us know immediately: causes will be instantly removed, promised!
  • We are “Customer-oriented” it is in our DNA